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Claude von Riegan of Verdant Winds

Claude von Riegan of Verdant Winds

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GOLDEN DEER GANG the Leader of the Leicester Alliance, Claude von Riegan storms onto the battlefield with a reassuring smile that exudes confidence in his master tactics to win the day!

PlaqueArts presents unique original artworks of your favourite video game characters that are designed to be proudly displayed on your desk, shelf, walls, or battle stations. By following our core beliefs of creating a durable, physical product with a quality finish that you can own we handcraft each and every Plaque knowing these characters represent memories and a community to rally behind. Always made by gamers, for gamers.


Each artwork is hand burned into a maple plywood plaque triangle that is 23 cm x 20 cm x 1.7 cm and has been coated with a clear oil-based gloss lacquer finish to increase durability and longevity.

*Switch not included


Laser Certified Basswood Sheets

Oil Based Lacquer


17 cm width x 15 cm height x 1.7 cm thickm
6.69 in width x 6 inch height x .66 inch width

Care Instructions

We recommend keeping PlaqueArts safe and sound by your nearest Battlestation or Wall and as far away from the nearest source of water as possible.

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Definition of Trust the Process

Each PlaqueArt is hand crafted, and the result of trial and error until we're satisfied knowing we've represented beloved characters to their fullest.

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