So, How's the Magic Done?

Past Commissions

Past Commissions

See what we've made in the past and grab one for yourself! 

  • The Draft!

    Once a design is settled on we draft 9 different layers that will form the PlaqueArts Cake.

  • Rasters, Vectors, Engraving, Oh My.

    Convert the pngs into vector and raster files the laser can read, and the magic of technology gets us ready to roll.

  • The Engraving

    Files get thrown into the laser and after a few hours, we have some freshly cut layers ready for assembly.

  • PlaqueArts... Assemble

    After some glue, nails, and a hefty amount of lacquer, we have a one of a kind gift that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

    That's a guarantee.

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